About Us

SUNPRISM Energy Technology, is a solar PV panel manufacturer based in Ismailia Public Free Zone, Egypt, with a current production capacity of 50 MW per annum and operating in compliance to the highest industry standards.

As pioneers of solar energy and sustainability in the Egyptian market and the region, with over 20 years of experience in the field, it lies at the heart of SUNPRISM’s mission to aid businesses in generating Clean, Sustainable, and Cost-Effective energy from renewable resources and to meet all their sustainability goals. We have enjoyed a long-lasting international presence for the past 18 years, exporting our products to both Africa and the EU (primarily Germany), in addition to serving the local Egyptian market since 2014.

It has always been our constant endeavor to provide our clients with the best possible product price alongside the highest standards of quality and performance. Our delivery times and schedules are ideally suited for projects in the Middle East and Africa, as they can be specifically tailored to meet project requirements. Simultaneously, our clients enjoy easy access to our facilities for visit and quality inspection of their specific products, whenever needed

Through alliances with a group of pioneering and certified companies specializing in the Design, Installation and Operation of solar power stations, we provide tailored, turnkey solutions to meet our clients’ requirements, who have placed their trust in our capabilities and expertise.



Meet The Team

Mohammad Makhlouf


Chairman & CEO


Ahmed EL Marsafawy


VP Business Development - Technical


Amr Abou Ali


Finance Manager